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Automatically generate and execute business as usual scenarios

A solution for the high cost of creation and maintaining business as usual testing

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The problem

“Testing web apps takes time, money and building new functionalities in existing software can lead to unexpected results and errors. ”

This is because new demanding requirements call for changing increasingly complex systems. To safeguard end users from errors, lots of complex testing needs to be done. One major part of this is business as usual testing, where all existing functionality needs to be verified after changes in the software. This is a complex and very labor intensive process.

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The solution

We at Probit provide a solution for the high cost of creation and maintaining business as usual testing.

Probit the solution

Based on the use of an application in production, Probit can automatically generate and execute business as usual scenarios. This generation and execution can be done in real time and follows changing behavior of the production use. Probit provides a dashboard and reporting system, where you can track the status of testing and the quality of the program that will be delivered.

How does it work?

Collecting data

Collecting data

With a PAAS solution you can connect your own web application to the Probit system. We collect and analyze data of the production usage of your web application. We can stream data from Dynatrace, Google Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, etc.

Test scenarios

Test scenario

Probit generates an anonymous model of the product use/usage behavior (not user behavior). Based on this model, Probit generates test scenarios.

Test environment

Test environment

An analysis is done on the collected data. By triggering these scenarios in automatic processes, we generate a live, and relevant test environment.

Bot populations

Bot populations

Bot populations are started on a test environment that deploy the usage behavior. The Probit user has control over monitoring and interference of the test processes: ‘You are in control’.


Frederik Byl CEO Probit

Frederik Byl

Co-founder & CEO

At KBC Frederik cooperated in numerous innovative projects. Driven by the urge to deliver intuitive solutions he is a passionate force behind Probit. In his quest to ingenious simplicity, he is steering Probit towards a user-friendly and high valuable product for devops of web applications.

Thomas Rotté CTO Probit

Thomas Rotté

Co-founder & CTO

Thomas was Chief Performance Officer for customer facing applications at KBC. With Probit he works on a user-analytics system that combines analytics data with AI to gain more insights and deliver business value. Challenged by apparent technical impossibilities, Thomas delivers ingenious solutions.